Sunday, February 26, 2012

The start of a new week

I like Sundays. I like to sleep in, check things on the computer while I eat breakfast, do laundry, and generally relax. 
Last week was pretty busy. I had physical therapy, and saw the cardiologist. He is having his secretary get me an appointment with the doc that does the ablations. The doc at Coop is slow to get an appointment with, so if she can't see me in a couple of weeks, I'll be seeing a doc who works out of HUP that my doc is comfortable with. 
My primary's office is on my last nerve. I've left 3 messages saying I need an appointment and no reply. I need a referral for a sleep study, also recommended by my cardiologist.

I finished a scrap afghan, and used the leftovers to make Whiskey a new blankie. I started a new afghan, a granny ripple that looks interesting. It'll be in white and blues. 

I'm reading the "Booktown" series by Lorna Barrett on the Nook. It's a cozy series about a town in NH that is filled with used and collectible book stores. Tricia Miles owns Haven't Got a Clue mystery book store, and she keeps falling over dead bodies. She has a cute cat named Miss Marple, and a fun set of friends. 

Ralph has a terrible cold and sounds like a frog. Today is day 4 of the cold, so I'm hoping he feels better soon, and that he does not share it with me!

Manda and Ben get in Thursday night for a long weekend. Saturday is my Mom's 82nd birthday and Julianna's 5th birthday. This year it's a Strawberry Shortcake party! Friday I'm going with Manda and Steph and getting my first ever pedicure!

I'm still waiting for the synvasc to be approved and arrive at the ortho. Using the cane has gotten real old. The PT helps, and the off days I do the exercises on both legs. Looks like I'll be getting a knee this summer, so I want the cardiac issue resolved by then. 

It's almost March! In addition to Mom and Julie, we begin the month with Frank's birthday and end it with Big Mike's. John and Morgan's anniversary is in March also.

And the beat goes on!

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