Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ortho Visit

So I saw the ortho on Friday afternoon. He showed me the xray of my left knee. It's bone on bone on the medial side. It's obviously been that way for a while, and since the pain had a sudden onset, it could be an arthritis flareup. Flareups can last up to ten weeks! Jeez!

The MRI does show a tear, but he can't guarantee that having the knee scoped would stop the pain, because of the bone on bone situation. The ultimate solution is a replacement. To put off the replacement, synvasc can be tried. It can take weeks for the synvasc to be approved by my insurance!

Aetna has always been pretty good at approving things, so I'm hoping for just a week or so. It's a series of 3 injections into the knee joint, but provide a synthetic padding. The ortho doc said to continue PT if I feel like it's helping, which I do. The object of the PT is to strengthen the muscles that support the knee. I'm looking ahead to postop recovery, and I think PT is good.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Lamorte for a cardiology followup visit, then I go to PT. Tuesday we have parent teacher conferences from 2-6 at work. Wednesday is work, dinner with the nurses, then PT. Thursday work and PT. Friday is work then Zachary's birthday party.  

We got a couple of inches of snow last night, and the driveway looks icy, so I'm staying in. I have laundry going.

The thing I liked best about the ortho, was he said that I'm way to young to need a cane, so we have to get me fixed. Yay for him!

And another week starts!

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