Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's February!

We made it thru January with no snow. We've had maybe 1/2 inch this whole winter so far, and it's been as high as 62 degrees! 

I got the MRI of my knee done yesterday. I think there must be a tear, because it still hurts too much too often. Tomorrow I'll make the ortho appointment. And the big side effect of the new cardiac med is fatigue, and it sure is. I'm sleeping entirely too much. 

We stayed with the kids yesterday so Heather and Ed could go to the AC Boat Show. I took the iPad and the Fire. I bought 3 Dora apps for the iPad, which Julianna had a great time with. Eddie was playing with all the apps on the Fire. One is called Where's My Water, and you have to send the water to the alligator's pipes so he can take a shower. It's a problem solving app pretending to be a game, and he did great with it. 

In January I read 16 books, 15 from the library. I worked on another scrap afghan, and sewed the tops for 3 tablerunners for Christmas gifts. 

February is my birthday! Wow, I'll be 59- how did that happen? Better than the alternative, as my Dad used to say. Doris Doone's birthday is also in February. 

Cliffie is laying beside me on the ottoman. She's taken it over as her favorite spot.

And so it goes!


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