Sunday, February 19, 2012

So this is getting old.

Thursday morning I got up, started eating breakfast, and went into afib. Trekked off to the ER, same old thing. Cardizem IV and by mouth, didn't break. At least the rate slowed, so I wasn't so uncomfortable. I was admitted, and cardioversion scheduled for Friday.

Thankfully, I converted back to sinus at 6 pm, so no cardioversion, and I was released Friday morning.
I discussed ablation with the doc. My usual doc was on duty at the other hospital, so I saw his partner. He said the handwriting is on the wall, and the younger you are when you have ablation, the higher the chance of success.

So I have an appointment with my regular cardiologist for Wednesday to discuss when and where. I have to get it done, I can't live like this. The afib comes on with no warning, and is so dramatic. It turns me into a crying lunatic.

Ralph teased me that I need to take a power cord to the hospital with me, to plug in the Nook, the iPad and the cell phone. The things that I need to keep my sanity! I had a very nice 88 year old roomie, but she put the TV on the instant she woke up, and only turned it off when she went to sleep.

Friday night we went to dinner with Ed and Heather and the kids, then to Sharon's for Zac's party. We haven't figured out how that kid got to be 11 already.! Last night Steph and Dan took us to dinner at Brio for my birthday. 

I'm still crocheting the scrap afghan. It's almost long enough, maybe another night or two's work. I just picked up 15 books from the library, so they'll keep me busy- not like I don't have anything around here to read!

And the beat goes on!

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