Thursday, February 9, 2012


We had a little snow last night, very little- under a half inch, which is fine!

PT three times a week, and my right knee is showing no improvement. I had the MRI, and I see ortho tomorrow. I strongly suspect a tear somewhere. Then on Monday, I see my cardiologist- what a way to spend my birthday!

Amazon is still having hundreds of free books every day, and I'm averaging about 15 a day that I download. Anything that looks like Mom or I would like, I download. 

With working, PT, and my knee hurting so that I'm still using the cane, I haven't done any quilting. I've been crocheting, but not a lot. I've been playing Words With Friends on my iPad, but that only takes up a few minutes each day. 

Poor little Whiskey had a sore leg and visiting the vet. He doesn't have Lyme's, and he's not diabetic, two good things. He's on an antibiotic, and seems much better since he saw the vet. 

Cliffie has only been out once in the last two days, so she's a real house cat now.

And the beat goes on!

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