Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not a fun week

Tuesday night I was walking down the hallway to the sewing room and my heartrate suddenly went way up and irregular. I knew I was in atrial fib, and hoped it would convert by  itself, so we waited about an hour, then went off to the ER. Two doses of IV meds and 7 hours later, I was back in sinus and admitted to have my meds changed.

I was there til Saturday morning, getting tests, IVs, and different meds. The hospital is no place for sick people. Entirely too noisy. I was lucky to have 3 nice roomates at different times.  

Ralph brought me in my iPad, pillow, and afghan. I sleep much better with my own pillow, and hospital blankets leave a lot to be desired. Having the iPad was as good as having a laptop. I was able to keep up with Words With Friends and my internet group, and my email. 

Today would have been my late girlfriend Linda's 59th birthday. She's been gone for two years now. It would also have been my late grandmother's birthday. 

Cliffie is enjoying being a housecat. She goes out occasionally, but not for long. 

And the beat goes on!

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