Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Monday

On Saturday the grand-dogs came to stay with me while Steph went to NYC for the day. Toast is always happy to be here- at one time she'd be here for months at a time. When Steph was working full time and going to school 4 nights a week, Toast would stay here so she wouldn't be lonely. The tradeoff was that Steph was lonely, and I'm glad she doesn't have to keep that schedule anymore.
Toast settles in fine, she curls up on the couch or the bed.
Whiskey is more needy. He wants to be on a lap, and here he's licking my leg. He's faster to warm up to women than men, and we think a man wasn't kind to him at some point in his life before he came to his forever home with Steph and Toast.
My granny strip afghan is coming along! It really works up fast.
I bought a "skin" for my Nook.
This is the back. It reminds me of the trees that are on my shower curtain from Target. Every week Barnes and Noble has free book Friday, where you can download a specific book. This week there were two, and they both look good. I also downloaded a new book that was only $3.99. I have a limit that I'll spend, and I don't buy anything that my Mom would read- those I get from the library.
This quilt hangs behind my couch, and it's the favorite quilt that I've made. The white is actually a small floral print, and the green is a batik. Folded on the back of the couch is the quilt my internet group made me. I love looking at it!
The hospital was going to trash a CPR dummy, so of course Ralph brought it home. Every time I came down the hall it would scare me, so he put a towel over it. He's going to take pix of it on his tractor.

I've gotten hooked on daytime TV! Good thing for the DVR! I dvr The View, The Doctors, Ellen, Dr. Phil and sometimes Oprah. And Clean House when it's one I haven't seen. At least I never just watch TV, I crochet while it's on, so I don't feel like I'm totally wasting time.

I have a social life! Last week I had dinner with Roseanne, Ralph and I had dinner with "the nurses", we went to Nancy's and met some friends for munchies, gossip and swimming, and Franny and I went to Pennsville for a fundraiser for the library and visited with Cookie Swap at the Riverview Inn. All in one week! It feels so great to feel well!

And I'm cooking at half of the time! Better for us than eating out, and cheaper. I made Hawaiian Ham Casserole, which lasted a couple of meals, and yesterday I made chili, which we can have again today. And I can't believe July is almost over!

And the beat goes on!

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Sherry said...

LOL about the CPR dummy. Once upon a time, I had a doll the same size as me...about a 3T. Mama saved it. She gave it to me, I passed it back, we did the back and forth thing for a while. My son got a big hoot out of it. Patty Playpal I think she was called.

After husband and I married, I had her again. She was in our big walk-in closet when his 19-yr old son went in to 'jack' aka borrow without asking - a t-shirt. She 'bout scared him to death. He would take his buddies in to show them Chuckies sister. LOL

Eventually, back to Mama's she goes. DS was showing to his squealy teenage girl cousins. Patty could do a trick. If you raised her arms, they would stay...for a minute or so. Then one of the arms would slowly start moving down. Son hollered, "LOOK!" and pointed. He cleared the room of screaming squealing cousins! LOL

Oh, and I DETEST daytime television and most evening shows too.