Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ben and Manda's wedding.

This is the back of Manda's gown- they were steaming it before dressing her. When she first said it had green trim, I wasn't sure I'd like it. The girls gowns are the same shade of green, and I love them all! You can't see the beading in this picture.
Making the bride (more) beautiful! The photographer is to the left, and the stylist to the right.
Maid of honor Steph lacing Manda into the gown. We were in the bridal suite.
My distinguished looking husband Ralph, Father of the Bride!
You can see the trolley we rode in the background. The bride and her father!
She was so beautiful it took your breath away. Ben had tears, and we all cried along with him. Danielle was a groomswoman- she's the wife of Kyle, the Best Man. They have both been friends of Ben since junior high.
Becca (Ben's sister), Julianna, Heather and maid of honor Steph. Steph has now been maid of honor for both her sisters.
The wedding party with the Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Briles.
The photographer told the girls to heckle the bride and groom. If you click on the pic and make it full sized, you can see the faces they are making. I have this pic as my wallpaper- I love it.
Julianna- isn't she just so cute! Luckily her other grandparents had driven and had a cooler of drinks and snacks for her and Eddie- smart grandparents!

I didn't take any pix of the reception. When the photographer gives us the link to the proofs, I'll post it. Manda and Ben are in Hawaii now, enjoying some down time. Planning a wedding is time consuming, even with the help of a wedding planner, and Manda did it from 1500 miles away. She did a terrific job! Congratulations to Ben and Manda!


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Miri said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful garden wedding!