Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweltering Sunday morning!

These are the beautiful flowers that my school sent me. I went back to work on June 28, and worked the three days before school got out on June 30. I got all the reports and paperwork done that needed to be done, and Ralph went in with me on July 1 to take the computer pieces apart and store them for the summer. It felt good to be back and see everyone, but I was tired by the end of the days!
Steph left the pups here on July 4. She was going to a barbecue and thought the dogs would be afraid of fireworks if they were alone in the apartment. Whiskey is on the left, Toast on the right. The dogs came back here on July 6, and we'll take them home tonight. Steph has been in Pittsburgh on a vegetarian/vegan Summerfest conference.
I don't know how the pic got on twice, and don't know how to remove the duplicate.
Whiskey curled up with Ralph in the recliner.
Friday night was MacKenzie and Connor's birthday parties. MacKenzie, who turned 3, wanted a Piggy Party. Connor turned 8, and his Phillies cake is sort of visible. Sharon made both cakes.
The piggie was made in ball pans, with cupcakes for legs, M&M's for eyes, and a pipe cleaner for a tail.
Sharon did such a great job on the cakes!
MacKenizie has piggy barrettes for her piggy party! She got lots of stuffed piggies in all sizes.

The honeymooners are home in Houston! They had a wonderful time in Kaui, and are eager to go back again. They're settling into Ben's apartment.

Here's something I didn't know. In this area, the bride carries a white drawstring bag to hold the cards that guests give her, or there's a container for the cards. Ben, who's from Nebraska, never heard of that. Nebraska guest mail you your gifts. Who knew the customs would be so different?

I'm 9 weeks and 3 days postop, and feeling better by the day. I started cooking again, and have been to the grocery store twice by myself (when Ralph is home to unload the groceries). From everything I've read, I won't be back to full "normal" for 6 months. I guess I'm about 85% at this point. I haven't vaccuumed, and don't carry anything the least bit heavy.

I've been making an afghan out of shades of green, and it's moving along well. Whiskey wants to be on a lap all the time, so I haven't been in the sewing room. I sit in the recliner and crochet, with him snuggled up.

It's slightly cooler today, in the upper 70's, but there's about 150% humidity. Coming back from the store, I was sweating with the car's AC on.

I just finished a really good library book- Pray for Silence by Linda Castillo. It's the second book about Kate, who's a police chief in Ohio. She's a lapsed Amish woman. The books are intense, and a little gory in places, but really good. Before that I read Jennifer Chiaverrini's newest, called The Aloha Quilt. It was very good, but a little preachy about Hawaiian history at times.

And the beat goes on!


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