Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March

The hallway bathroom is almost done. Here is the vanity, and you can see the floor. The floor is one piece linoleum that we got as a remnant.
Here's the medicine cabinet. The vanity and medicine cabinet are from IKEA.
The towel rack over the toilet is new, as is the shower curtain.
I love the shower curtain. It's from Target, and it's cloth, so there's a plastic liner underneath.
I just love all the trees!
And it has little squirrels!
And owls! I think it's the cutest shower curtain I've ever seen!
Yesterday Barbara came down to quilt a quilt on the HQ16. Neither of us had done a quilt in months, and we made every mistake there is, and invented some new ones! It all worked out, tho. It was a good review for me- I want to spend Easter break quilting some of the flimsies I have in the closet.

Timeshares- Steph and I each have a timeshare week at Shawnee in the Poconos. I swear the company is staffed by the dumbest people in the world. I had a title guy handle Steph's transfer last August- that would be eight months ago.

We bought the timeshares from a friend of Ed's Mom. Her husband had died, and she wanted to sell them, since she wasn't using the weeks. She sold them to us for a fair price. My paperwork went thru fine, Steph's was a nightmare. The title guy got it unravelled, and in her name. I got my bill, paid it, and Steph's hasn't come. I called today, and there's a note of the account that it couldn't be transferred because they need a death certificate. They couldn't manage to mention that to my title guy or me or Steph, during this process? Luckily, I had the death certificate in our paperwork, faxed it to them, and Steph can pay the bill tomorrow. She wants to get it paid, so she can deposit it for trade. They're nice units, sleep 6, but we bought them for trading purposes.

Today started out awful. I didn't sleep well, and was up in the middle of the night. So getting up at what my body said was 0530 was not fun. Monday, raining, time change! The paper wasn't delivered before I left (on your doorstep by 0600- the Courier Post also lies!). McD's, where I stop for my sweet tea, had a power outage and wasn't open. The interstate was full of people who forget how to drive when it rains. Karma was telling me to go home, but I resisited. Then I got home, and the timeshare fiasco. The good news was that I had a very productive day at work, and when I got home Ralph was almost done with the bathroom.

I played with the Nook over the weekend. The B&N website has a Nook blog, and it gives notice of free book downloads, and sales. It's a nifty toy! And I'm reading a good book from the library, Fantasy in Death by JD Robb. It's the latest Eve Dallas book.
Other than helping (or hindering) Barbara, I didn't do any sewing! I did spend an hour or so tidying up in the sewing room, so that should count!

And the beat goes on!

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