Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another quick update

My Mom came home from the hospital yesterday, and is delighted to be home and sleeping in her own bed! So far the sinus rhythm is maintaining.

My brother John gets in tonight (Saturday) for a short visit with Mom and us. He hasn't been up since last December, and had made these arrangements weeks ago.

I got my Christmas letter written, and half the cards addressed! Then I ran out of cards and have to get more.

After work, I laid down around 7 and fell asleep til after midnight! I'm almost ready to go back to bed- lots of things I have to do tomorrow and Sunday.

I had a dream that I was outside with Steph's dogs, and one of them was down a rabbit tunnel (is there such a thing?) and coming toward me, and behind her we could hear digging. As she emerged, we saw a skunk behind her. As it started to spray, I grabbed the dogs and ran into the house, where Steph was. Steph was looking for a screwdriver for a new friend. I know, it doesn't make any sense- that's why it was a dream!

Good night!


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quiltbea said...

Glad to hear Mom is home again and doing so well.
It'll be nice to have your brother visit, I'm sure.
Enjoy the time together.