Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy Solstice

This is our end of the street, on a slightly rainy day. I took it from the front landing- the driveway is on the left, and the street goes up the hill, then slopes down and up again at the main road. We're 1/3 of a mile back from the main road.
This is the same view Saturday morning, when it had been snowing for several hours.
Also Saturday morning, looking to the right from the front landing. The road ends where that little piece of lattice is.
Our back deck on Saturday morning.
Our back deck on Sunday morning- the total was 20 inches of snow!
Our street is buried under there somewhere!
That's how deep it was on top of the railing!

So Mom is home and fine, but hasn't been out of the house since she was discharged. Brother John came up for a real short visit- last Saturday night til Tuesday morning. Then Heather and Ed and the kids got to the O'Flynn's on Thursday night, and Ben and Manda got here Friday around noon. They all went to a local bar for a concert Friday night. Late Friday night the snow started. And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed some more.

Presents and dinner were planned for Steph's apartment. She worked very hard cooking and decorating, and after many phone conversations, we decided to go for it.Mom Mary Jane said we were all nuts, and she wasn't going out in the blizzard. Mom Florence was more adventurous, and we picked her up. There was about 6 inches at that point, and the roads were not bad. We got behind some fool who was driving 8 MPH, and had to stay behind him for several miles. We got to Steph's around one, and Heather and Ed arrived shortly afterwards. We had a lovely get together, then headed back into the blizzard.

The roads were in lousy shape going home, and we weren't sure we'd make it up the hill to get into town. We could smell the tires, and hear them spinning, but we made it! We were afraid to try to get to Mom Florence's, so she stayed here all night. Yesterday, Sunday, Ralph used the snowblower to dig us out, and took Mom home in the truck and did both Mom's driveways. The rest of us stayed in all day.

We ventured out a while ago. Once you get off the side street, the roads are fine. We trekked off t the diner for lunch, then Steph, Ben and Manda went off to do a few errands. I'm hoping for more cleaning and melting tomorrow, so the family can come see Heather and Ed before they head back to NC on Wednesday, and Ben and Manda before they take off for Omaha on Thursday.

And tonight is The Longest Night! Melissa Etheridge has a cool song by that name on her Christmas CD. A Peaceful Solstice to all!


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quiltbea said...

I'm glad you are well and able to dig yourselves out afterwards.
We, luckily, missed it entirely.