Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Christmas Celebration

This year we had our Christmas on December 19, at Stephanie's apartment, in the blizzard. Luckily, Manda and Ben flew in the day before! Manda always closes her eyes to the flash!
Steph and her little family. Toast is in the foreground in her sweater and Whiskey is in his fleece. He was a rescue from Georgia (or so they tell us) and is not amused by the snow! Steph says he shakes his feet!
Heather and Ed brought their two little reindeer with them.
Of course I couldn't get them both to look at the camera at the same time! Too much going on! Steph's apartment has a real fireplace!
Amanda and Whiskey were cuddling.
Pop Pop Ralph amused the kids with a sock. Julie had these jingly things in her hair that were adorable!
Amanda gave Julianna butterfly wings, which she loved.
Ben was in the real Sherwood Forest this year, and brought back a Robin Hood hat and ruff for Eddie, so of course they had to have a sword fight!
Sisters and puppies!
Toast was either exhausted or bored, so she took a nap. What a position!
Mom Florence with two of her great-grandchildren. She has a total of 8, four girls and four boys, ranging from 13 down to 2.

It was a lovely day, in spite of the blizzard. We rarely celebrate Christmas on December 25, because of the nurses in the family. Those darned hospitals, they insist on being open 24/7! Heather is working Christmas Eve and Christmas night, and Ralph works Christmas day. This will be Ralph's last Christmas to work- he'll retire next September!

Ben and Manda flew out this morning. They were worried that they wouldn't be able to get to Omaha, where there is also a blizzard predicted. I just spoke to Manda, and it is overcast in Omaha at the moment, and they are getting ready to take off from Houston to Omaha. They'll be with Ben's family for a week.

Heather and Ed drove home yesterday to NC, where there is no snow, at least in their town.

Merry Christmas everyone, no matter how or when you celebrate!


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