Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ben and Amanda got engaged last night! We knew it was coming, that the ring was ordered, but we were sworn to secrecy. When Ben's Mom, Polly, and his Aunt Judy and I were all in Houston, we kept talking weddings, and Manda and Ben kept protesting that they weren't engaged yet. (Not that that stopped us!)

Last night we got the excited phone call- Ben proposed, on the beach, under the stars. Very romantic! He picked up her ring while she was off visiting NC last week, and managed to keep it a secret!

So now decisions have to be made- when and where. Who will be in the wedding? Where- they have to decide if it's going to be in NJ or Nebraska, or maybe Iowa. Inside, outside? How formal or informal? When? Manda is thinking the Summer Solstice, which is a Tuesday. I don't think Tuesday weddings are real popular, but who knows? Who to perform the ceremony?

And her ring is a beautiful sapphire (not from Sri Lanka, their sapphires are not politically correct)

No matter what they decide, she'll be a beautiful bride, and he'll be a handsome groom, and both their Moms will look gorgeous. As will their Aunts, all of them. And their Grandmothers. We're all just thrilled for them.

For more pix, go to her blog - you can click on Manda's site, link on the right side of my blog page.

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