Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I'm so happy to live in the home of the free, because of the brave! My grandfather, dad and Ralph were Navy, my FIL and Heather's FIL and Lou were Marines, and my cousin George was career USAF. Thanks to all!

My grandfather was in WWI. He told the story about being 16 and paying a street bum a dollar to sign as his father so he could enlist.

My dad Joe and FIL Rocco were in WWII and Joe was recalled to Korea. Joe talked a lot about being on the ships. I don't remember Rocco ever talking much about the Marines- I think it was some painful memories. Lou was in Korea, and will never discuss it. Ralph was a SeaBee, and served in Vietnam. Big Ed is a very proud Marine- Semper Fi! George served all over the world in his USAF time. Steph's friend Jay has a brother who is coming home from a second tour, and they're hoping he's home to stay. My friend Jean's son Jimmy has done some time in the desert also.

Today we passed the cemetary where my dad is buried, and it was a sea of huge American flags. He would think that was so cool! And when we came by the town Monument there was a service going on. Dad faithfully went to the services every year.

Semper Fi Rocco
Anchors Aweigh Joe

And the beat goes on.

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