Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's not raining!

This is the first day all week I can say that! It was a dreary, dark, wet week, and I'm glad it's over. I didn't get very much accomplished all week- just went to work every day, wasted two evenings napping, and read a couple of books- still going thru Mariah Stewart's book.

Last Sunday Sharon had a Tastefully Simple party, so I got to go hang out with some of the family, and that was fun. Some family news- nephew Joseph is in Las Vegas at a piercer's/tattoo convention. The thought of a huge area of tattooed and pierced people boggles my mind! Nephew David is relocating to the Washington DC area- I don't know if he realizes that DC was built on a swamp, so it probably rivals south jersey for humidity.

Frank and Charlotte just had their 37th anniversary, and we'll be 6 weeks behind them. Mike and Donna's 25th was right after Easter, and John and Morgan's 21st was in March.

Manda and Steph are in NC visiting Heather, Ed and the kids. I talked to them last night, and it sounds like they're having a really good time. It's the first time Manda has been to the new house, and she hasn't seen them since New Years. Steph will be home Sunday night, and next weekend she's moving to her new apartment. She's decided to take Miss Millie with her for company, since Toast will be here at Grammy's Doggy Daycare while Steph takes summer classes at Holy Family. Since Mill and Frenzy hate each other, it'll be a nice break for all involved.

Last night Ralph and I took our Moms to dinner for Mother's Day. Forget going out on Sunday, when everything is so crowded. We had a nice meal and visit. After dinner I went to Franny's to hang out with "The group formerly known as Cookie Swap". I have to put the qualifier on it, or Ralph expects cookies, silly man. Franny's Jake made lasagna for us, and sent some home to Ralph, so he'll be happy. We had fun catching up on what we've all been doing. Sandy and Kami are going to a boot camp, and sounds like they may not survive it, LOL.

And now I'm off to try to accomplish something!


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