Sunday, May 24, 2009

Productive Sunday

I finally got some things accomplished in the quilting room. I pieced the backing for the paper pieced star I made last year, and called the longarmer I use when a project is beyond my capability. I'll drop it off to her tomorrow.

Then I finally got the borders on the MQX mystery quilt, which I'm calling Manchester Mania (thanks to Mary Schilke for the name suggestion). It took some figuring, because I wanted to have cornerstones, and the math is beyond me. So it's now a flimsy, and will be quilted one of these days. I put off doing my weekly numbers post til tonight, so I'd have some numbers to post! It was getting pretty pathetic, all those zeroes!

It's starting to rain, and when Toast and I were just out, I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. Maybe it'll cool things off a little, since Ralph hasn't caught up with the HVAC guy yet. (Of course, he has to make that phone call to catch the guy...)

Steph reports that Miss Millie came out from under the bed in just a few hours, has eaten, and seems to be settling in. It seems funny to not have Mills here, but we'll all adjust.


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