Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday in Houston

Today is my last day in Houston! It's been a lot of fun visiting with Manda and Ben and meeting Polly (Ben's mom) and Judy (his aunt). Today we're going to brunch, and then it'll be time to go to the airport and go home.

The weather has been gorgeous- low 70's, low humidity- the perfect time to visit Texas.

The flight out from Philly was delayed, and didn't leave til 7 p.m. We must not have had good winds, because it was a full 3.5 hour flight and seemed to go on forever. It was nice and smooth, which was good. Manda picked me up at the airport, and we came back to her apartment and visited.

Friday morning we went to Quakertown Quilts, then to a cute teashop for lunch, then to another fabric/quilt shop called Sew Contempo, which is really close to Manda's. Then back to her apartment for a nap. Polly and Judy got in about 4.30. They were having a barbecue at NASA to celebrate a sucessful mission, and Ben had permission from his team leader to bring us. Afterward, we came back here for dessert and to get acquainted- we talked til midnight.

Saturday we went to a little farmer's market, and we all bought homemade soap. Then off to lunch at La Madeline's, which is Steph's favorite place. Then we split up- Polly wanted to sit by the pool, and the rest of us wanted to relax for a while. We got together again for dinner, then back to Manda's so she could show the pix of her trips. More chatting til midnight.

It's been a fun trip, and a good distraction. Today is two years since Dad died, and I don't want to dwell on it, so keeping busy is good.

And so it goes!

Holly, in Houston

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Peggy said...

Hey Holly, My name is Peggy and I live in Houston few miles from Sew Contempo. That use to be my store and still the place I take most of my classes but Quilts By The Bay in Galveston is or was the best. Was wiped out with Ike and Patricia will probably not rebuild there. Will go to around League City or so. The next best one is Painted Pony which was really close and I wish you could have gone there. They are such a great store. I love Quakertown also. We are blessed with probably 50 or so shops around our area. Do you live in Philly or abouts. Am leaving next Tues week headed to Paducah and then to Carlisle where our daughter and GS are and hope to go to Quilt market in Philly next month. Where would you suggest I go beside the Amish places which I have already found. Great prices--I may get in big trouble. Hope you liked Houston and yes this is a good time to visit--NOT IN THE SUMMER. Write back if you get a moment. Sorry about your Dad. Mine has been gone almost 30 years and it still hurts.

Peggy C