Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The weather is nuts- we went from in the 90's Sunday thru Tuesday, to 60 today! Open the windows, close the windows. Take the electric blanket off, put it on. Long pants to shorts to long pants- enough to make you crazy!

Good news from Amanda- cruise tickets are going down in price! We may be able to get a room with a balcony for what we thought was the price of an interior room! I read an article in the Sunday paper that said you should never buy cruise tickets early, because the prices go down. And it looks like plane tickets will be reasonable also.

We got a surprise midweek visit from Steph and Toast! They're having noise issues at the apartment, so they came home and will stay over. Toast will most likely stay til the weekend. It's always nice to see them.

I've been working on the MQX Mystery Quilt a little every night. Tonight I worked for over 3 hours, and the individual blocks are all finished! I put together the first pinwheel block, and it looks pretty cool. I'll have to take pix and get them up.

Julianna had another allergic reaction requiring benadryl. The doc is ordering allergy testing for her, poor baby. Allergic reactions can be so scary, especially in little kids.

Tomorrow starts the book sale at the library. I donated 10 or so paperbacks to it, and will probably buy as many.

And the beat goes on!

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