Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a Mystery to me!

These are some of the blocks that are completed for the MQX Mystery Quilt. The goal for tonight is to finish assembling the pinwheel blocks. The individual blocks are 5 inches each, and 4 together form a pinwheel. The fabric selection called for a light, a medium and a dark. When I went to Quilted Treasures, Lynn and Janet helped me pick out the fabric. Originally I was thinking of blue and yellow, but that changed when we started stacking up the bolts.

We had an interesting morning. Ralph went out to go to work, and had no brakes. The brake fluid is all under the truck. So he woke me up at 0545 to drive him to work. So I arrived at my work at 0655- I don't have to be there til 0820! I had my breakfast, my newspaper, a couple of magazines and a book. It made for a long day! Luckily one of his friends is driving him home. And of course he's working tomorrow, and Monday. He only works 2 shifts a week, and they're always inconvenient.

Steph has a final tonight, so Toast is staying here, and Steph will be here tomorrow. Toast likes us, but adores Steph.

And now to go work on the quilt! I still haven't figured out how the Aussie lady in the class managed to finish making all her blocks so fast- she had them done within the class time.


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