Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

It looks like a nice day out- the sky is blue. We're going to Mike and Donna's for Easter dinner. I'm taking a cranberry apple ring, roasted potatoes, and strawberry jello/cool whip thing. I'm also taking them a special 25th anniversary gift, which I'll put pix up later of.

I've got all the fabric cut for the mystery quilt class with Mark Lipinski at MQX. Ralph and I leave tomorrow for Manchester, NH. I'm taking several classes, and we have an ice cream social and a banquet. I even signed Ralph up for a lecture class with me, about different types of threads.

Little Mike was up briefly from Florida to pick up a truck, and he's taking the big roll top desk to John. Ralph and Big Mike had to take the bottom half of the desk apart to get it into the truck, but it's on the way!

Sunday things to be happy about:
Ralph, who is amiable enough to go to MQX with me
My Janome is all cleaned and purring like a kitten
Easter dinner with some of the family
A whole week off from work!


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