Monday, March 9, 2015

The party's over

Manda, Ben and Amary were scheduled to fly in on Thursday night, so they could be here for Julianna and Mom's birthday party. Mother Nature disagreed, dumping us with 8 inches of snow on Thursday, and their flight was cancelled. There were no available seats on Friday, so they got in Saturday at 4.30. We picked them up at the airport, picked up mom, and went right to Heather and Ed's for the party.

At the party, they made their big announcement. Baby Briles #2 will arrive arrive around August 18. We've actually known since Christmas Day, but have been keeping their secret til they got here. We were at Heather and Ed's til after 11pm, and the time also changed that night. 

Sunday, Mike and Donna came up to see them, then Heather and the kids came up to spend the afternoon. We got cheesesteaks and panzarotti's for lunch, and the kids had a great time playing with Amary. She's talking a lot, and everything is "Ammy's". Last night Manda and I took Amary up to Mom's for another visit.

Today we went to a diner for lunch, then to Rita's for water ice. They finished packing up, and Rapid Rover just left with them to go to the airport. I got Amary's chickie hat finished. And she got to stomp around in the snow! They were here less than 48 hours, but we packed a lot into the time. We won't see them again til I go out for the baby's birth, and Ralph will go out in September to see the new little one. 

I'm always sad when any of the kids leave. It's worse because Amary is changing so much by the day. It seems like so long since Julianna and Eddie were that little. But, as my friend Barbara says, at least we're not seeing them leave on a ship or a covered wagon. Those days must have been terrible emotionally!

And it's March, and almost 50 out, and the sky is blue. We have three wonderful, healthy grandchildren, and another on the way. Life is good.


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