Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Almost Spring?

We had a few nice days, but now it's cold again. And on the first day of spring, we could have snow! Enough, already

Carol has had several surgeries on her leg, and will have at least one more. But she's making great progress, and PT had her up and standing for a minute! That's such a relief!

Yesterday I went to an inservice. The venue gets a big fat zero! Due to a "misunderstanding", there was no coffee/tea or breakfast til after the first hour. The "room" had a tent roof, and even tho it was not real windy, the roof groaned and howled throughout the day. The food was decent, most of the speakers were interesting, and we got 4 prof. dev. hours.

I'm still catching up on JD Robb's books, with a side trip to read the new Sarah Morgan. I finished the star baby afghan that I was working on, and I'm starting chemo caps for my friend Jean. 

And we're getting used to the time change, but I still hate getting up in the dark!


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