Sunday, February 15, 2015

Well.. Brrr!

It was like 6 this morning, with high winds. We got a couple of inches of snow, to make it even more fun.

I had a nice birthday. I didn't want to go out after work, so we ordered in pizza. Ralph got me an MP4 player and put a lot of my CD's on it. I talked to all my girls and mom. And it was Friday, payday, and the start of a 3 day weekend!

Yesterday I went to the DMV and got my hangtag renewed, so that's good for 3 years. Then we went to Friendly's for breakfast, and I took an afternoon nap. Last night I started Jake's beard to go with his hat. I'm afraid I won't have enough yarn to complete it, so I see a trip to AC Moore's in my future. 

I got the new JD Robb at the library and I'm reading that. 

I finished mom's other legwarmer, after taking them apart and re-doing them. I was quite sick of it by the time I finished. I didn't like the yarn I bought, it tended to split. But it's done! 

And I'm off to the sewing room to work on the beard!


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