Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mid week

Every day the weather guessers have predicted some sort of wintery weather, and every day they've been wrong. Wrong temps, lack of rain/snow. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I read 13 books in January, 5 of them on the kindle, the rest from the library. I'm caught  up with Tempe Brennan, and moved along to DI Alan Banks. 

The lottery is over 300 million, so the office lottery group is buying tickets. We call it our retirement plan! There are 20 of us, so it'd be about 15 mill each. I could retire well with 15 mill!

I'm still making red hats for this generation of the Oehrl men. I'll give them out on Sunday, at Joey's birthday party. We have his party from 12-4, then Zac's starts at 4. We have a social life! 

We're having pizza for dinner, something we do every few weeks. 

And that's my update!


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