Sunday, February 22, 2015


Yesterday we had snow, then freezing rain, then rain. The snow was supposed to be 2-4 inches, turned into more like 6. Now it's warming up, and as soon as the snow is removed, ice is underneath. It may go into the 40s later, but the high tomorrow will be in the 20's- not good.

Last week we were off Monday for Prez Day, and had a snow day Tuesday. I started a baby afghan made of Bernet Baby Blanket yarn, which is like ropes of chenille. It was hard on my wrists to work  with, and used a K hook. I started out making a pattern I found, and hated it after a row, so ripped it out and made it as a big granny. It's the first time I've completed a baby afghan in 3 days! It's pretty, and will be warm, but the yarn was such a pain that I don't know that I'd do another. 

I read the new JD Robb, Obsession in Death, which was good, as is her usual. I just finished Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson, which brings me up to date with DI Alan Banks and company. 

In two weeks Manda, Ben and Amary will be home for 4 days! Heather will have Julie and Mom's birthday party that Saturday, so they can visit with the whole family at once. I hope the weather improves before they get here! 

I read that you can clean the glass insert of your oven door by mixing a paste of baking soda and water and letting it sit, so I'm trying that.


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