Sunday, December 7, 2014

The party's over

The guests of honor are in the air on the way back to Oregon. We had a lovely, though short, visit with Steph and Dan. Steph was in Jersey for a meeting, and Dan flew in after the meeting. They met up with a lot of friends, and Dan's family had a gathering Friday night, and ours was yesterday at Heather and Ed's house. 

Two big gatherings in two weeks was a lot, and I'm looking forward to giving my crockpots a rest. It was fun being together. We celebrated what Ed calls Little Christmas, which actually was on St. Nicholas Day, and Ed's birthday, which is tomorrow. 

This morning Ralph and I slept in til 9! We got up and went food shopping, and Steph and Dan were up when we got home. We went to the Lamp Post for breakfast, and it was the usual weekend morning crowded. Dan enjoyed being in Jersey by having both pork roll and scrapple. 

We got home and visited for another hour, then we drove them to the airport. It was a nice clear day, with little traffic, so it was a good drive. They have a layover in Phoenix, and get home late tonight. Toast has been at the  doggie spa, and Dan will pick her up tomorrow morning. 

We came home and I did some laundry and made my lunch for the week. I also went thru my spice cabinet and trashed anything expired. In the last month I've cleaned the freezer, the pantry, the canned goods cabinet, and now the spice cabinet! 

We made sure that we were in for the night, because tonight is the town Xmas parade, and the beginning of our street is part of the staging area. We didn't want to get stuck away from home. 

And the meatloaf is in the oven! 


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