Saturday, November 29, 2014

Twice in November!

Twice posting, that is. Too easy to skip posting. Thanksgiving was lovely. Mike and Donna have hosted for years, and this year we had a change. Last week Donna passed out and hit her head and has a bad concussion. No way could she do the holiday. She protested a little, but conceded I was right. So Heather and I did the dinner, at Heather's house because of Ed's cat allergy. It went very well. Joseph and Ali came for appetizers with Joey and Rian, then went off to her parents. Mikey and Samantha stayed for dinner, then left for her sister's for another dinner! A friend of Heather's, whose husband had to work, came over with her two children. 

Yesterday I got up earlyish and went Black Friday shopping at Joann's. I got there about 9- no lines at the cutting tables. Snuggle flannel was 75% off, so I got enough for ten receiving blankets, and some yarn that was also on sale. 

I took the fall decorations down, and Ralph brought up the Xmas decorations. I hadn't decorated in years, and found things I'd forgotten I have! 

Today I never left the house. I did some laundry, and have been puttering in the sewing room. Tonight I hope to actually do some sewing! Tomorrow is food shopping.

This week Steph will be in for a manager's meeting Tuesday and Wednesday. Dan will fly in Wednesday night. They'll hang out with friends Thursday, and have an early Xmas with his family Friday. We have them Saturday for what Heather is calling Little Christmas. They leave Sunday afternoon, just a quick but welcome visit. 

And Monday is December 1!


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