Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

Finally, the longest night! Now the days can start getting longer again! We're without heat and hot water, and it's really annoying. The part that went is the control board, and it had been changed, then discontinued, and Heater Guy Dan was able to find one in NY. Hopefully it'll be in tomorrow, and he can get it going. Showering at Mom's is a pain, and having to keep the fireplace going and using space heaters has gotten old. 

And my car had to go in the shop- valve cover gaskets. It was having steam come from under the hood, which is very unnerving. 

Almost Christmas! Two more work days! We're doing something Christmas Eve at Heather and Ed's house. Christmas morning we'll meet Mike and Donna and their crew at Mom's and have bagels and coffee. The rest of the day we can just relax, which sounds heavenly at this point. It's been such a busy fall and and early winter! 

I've been crocheting snowflakes, and giving them away as fast as I make them. I just found an easy angel pattern, so I'm starting them, also. I've barely had time to read this month! By 9.30, I'm ready to call it a day and go to sleep. 

Steph, Dan and Toast are going to Manda and Ben's for Christmas Eve and Christmas, along with Becca and Brandon. I'm so glad they are all geographically close enough to spend holidays together. I miss them all terribly, but at least I know they have each other to be with. I sent them each a DVD of Muppet Christmas Carol. They always watched it together Christmas Eve, and now they can continue that tradition. 

So a Merry Ho Ho Ho to all!


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