Saturday, December 27, 2014


We had a lovely Christmas, spread over two days. Christmas Eve day, we went to Heather and Ed's house for a turkey dinner and gift exchange. The kids were thrilled with their gifts, and immediately started playing with them. It was a nice, low key sort of day. Mom commented on how much she enjoyed it.

Christmas morning we met Mike and Donna, Mikey, Jake, Donna's dad, and Mikey's puppy Bow at Mom's for bagels and muffins and more gifts.

We relaxed Christmas afternoon and had leftovers for dinner, then went to Sharon and Jim's for dessert. Dave and Juliette were up from VA, so we got to see them, and Frank and Charlotte and Doris and Kevin were there. We ate entirely too many desserts!

Sharon made Great-Grandmom Lopez's pineapple cheesecake, Grandmom Florence's pizzelles, Grandmom Doris's butter cookies, and Aunt Donna's White House Pies. What a nice tradition! 

Juliette made us each a bottle of rosemary infused olive oil! I gave Juliette, Charlotte and Sharon each a crocheted angel. I've been giving the angels and snowflakes away as fast as I make them!

Boxing Day we went to Friendly's for breakfast, then to Lowe's to get another string of lights, and I got a few ornaments. Today we went to IHOP for breakfast, then Ralph went to Lowe's for potting soil for mom, and I went to Target and got two wreaths, some ornaments, and two throw pillows, all half price. Came home and took a nap! 

We facetimed with Manda, Ben, Becca, Brandon, Steph, Dan, Toast and Amary on Christmas Day. They all had a nice visit together. Steph and Dan headed back to Beaverton today. 

On Monday Heather will turn 40! How can I be old enough to have a child who's 40!? Ed is giving her a party on January 3, which will be fun. 

I'm crocheting angels and snowflakes, so that I'll have some for me and some to give away next Christmas. I'm on a roll, so I want to keep in that mode. My goal is 100 each of angels, snowflakes, and bells. Then I'll switch gears and turn to sewing. 

I was debating about my next trip to the PacNW, and it looks like it will be mid-August, right before school starts. Ralph thinks he'll go in June. For a lot of reasons, I decided to do one more year, so I'll work til June of 2016, and retire at 63+, but not collect SS til age 64. 

And the beat goes on!

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