Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's too hot!

For the past few weeks the weather has been totally goofy. 90 one day, 60 the next. High pollen and then rain. Right now we're in a stretch of 90+ degree days. Ralph finally broke down and turned on the AC this morning- he was painting and Sharon came to clean, so on it went. It'll be on til at least Sunday. 

I had a routine doc visit today. It was supposed to be a pre-op clearance, but since Aetna and Kennedy are still at a standoff, no surgery can be scheduled. Afterwards, we met Steph and Dan for dinner at Burger 21, where they have the best over sweet potato fries and dips. Poor Toast had to go see Uncle Vet, and now she's on meds. 

It's almost the weekend! And it's getting closer to the end of the school year, and to the time when Baby Girl will arrive! This week she's 4.5 pounds and the size of a pineapple! As Heather said, hopefully her head isn't pointy like a pineapple! 

The cats don't like the heat either. They stretch out on the tile floor, and were thrilled when we turned on the AC. 

So it's spring in Jersey!

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