Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Amanda's Birthday!

I can't believe Manda is 32, and will be a mom next month! When they were home for the baby shower, we were going thru pix of her. Ben wants a big bald smooshie baby like Manda was! Whatever Baby Girl looks like, she'll be adorable. Right now she's almost 35 weeks, and about 5 pounds! 

I sent Manda the absolute best birthday gift, and they retrieved the gift from the train this afternoon! She's thrilled with her gift, LOL. 

It was hot, then it was nice, then it was rainy, and now the heat is starting to creep up again- ick. 

I'm working on what was a secret project, but I told Manda about it. It's a baby cocoon, something that I never heard of til 2 weeks ago. Sorta like a baby sleep sack. It took me forever to get a hang of the pattern, but now it's moving right along. It might have a hat to go along with it. 

11 more school days til summer break. Not vacation, because vacations are paid and summer break is not. I'll go to Mill Creek right before Baby Girl is due. 

Jake's birthday is tomorrow. Even tho he says on facebook that he'll be 27, he'll really be 13. Every time I see the kid he's taller! 

And now it's bedtime!

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