Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I'm sure the person who started Mother's Day did so with the best of intentions, Take a day to honor your mother, tell/show her how much she means to you. Then Hallmark got hold of the idea, and boom! Commercialization! On the radio Friday they were having a big debate as to whether men should spend the day with their wives or mothers. One wise reader suggested spending the day with both. 

Another one is Grandparents Day, which Hallmark invented several years ago- I refuse to acknowledge that one. Or maybe I should buy Hallmark stock and be a cheerleader for all the Hallmark Holidays! 

And maybe some families do need the nudge of a holiday to spend time with moms. My family never has- I talk to my mom almost every day, and Ralph sees his mom at least twice a week. My girls either call me or I call them at least once a week, and Manda and Steph email me almost every day. So I'm blessed that way. 

Manda, Ben and Kitten, along with Becca, are all moved in and making good headway with unpacking boxes. Kitten is managing the steps just fine, which was a worry for Manda. And Ben cut his very own lawn for the first time! 

No word from ortho about aetna, so I guess they're still not playing well with Kennedy Hospital. 

Ralph put in a new thermostat last fall, and it worked fine all winter. Friday he was downstairs and heard a hissing from the heater, never a good thing, and smelled a smell. He turned off the heater (along with the hot water!) and we called Dan M. the heater guy. He and Ralph decided the thermostat has most likely fried a control on the heater, and he'll be out of Wednesday to fix it. That means showering at Mom's for a few days- good thing we only live 2 blocks from her! 

I'm still hooked on that stupid Candy Crush Saga game, along with half the world. But I have cut back on the time I waste on it. 

Sly and Tina are settled in well. Sly loves the porch, and the window in our bedroom. Tina loves the basement, and sitting on Ralph's lap. Sly will come up and head butt you til you pet him. I still miss Miss Millie and Cliffie so badly that thinking about them makes me want to cry. 

And so it goes!

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