Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

We live in the land of the free because of the brave. We have a lot of Veterans in our family. Ralph served in the Navy in Vietnam, my Dad was Navy in WWII and Korea, my grandpop was WWI, also in the Navy. Uncle Pete was another Navy guy. My cousin George Yardley is recently retired, and his son George is still serving. Ayesha is out, thank goodness, and safe. Ralph's dad was a Marine. My mom had Uncles in various branches of the service. My internet group has Carol and Sandie, as well as a lot of husbands. Bob Lemoine is another Navy Vet., and David Doone also served his country. Jean's son Jim was yet another Navy Seabee. Thanks to all of you! 

Today is also our 41st anniversary! We share the date with Brian and Jackie, who are celebrating their 18th. 

We slept in til almost 9, then went to Bob Evans to use our breakfast coupon. When we got home, Ralph went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the Monument, and I started laundry. 

I started a new crochet project, which I'm not ready to talk about til I make sure it'll work. I spent the last two days looking for the mat for my accuquilt, as I have a quilt project I also want to get going. I went thru every bin in the dining room, the closet in the sewing room, and finally found it hiding under two bags in the guest room.

The builder finally fixed the leak around the skylight! So now Ralph is re-building the closet in the guest room. When he finishes that, the containers of fabric will be able to go back in the guest room, and the dining room can go back to being a dining room! Imagine that! 

And May is on it's way out! Freakiest May ever, weather wise. Heat, humidly, pollen, cold, wind- we've had it all this May. 

And so it goes!

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