Monday, December 31, 2012

Another year over...

2012 is almost over, only another hour or so left to go. The older I get, the faster the years go by. 

2012 had some big milestones. June 27 I got my new right knee. July 30 I had a cardiac ablation and got rid of my atrial fib, hopefully permanently. 

In the spring, Ben got a transfer that he'd requested- to Seattle! They truly hated Texas, both the climate and the atmosphere, so they were delighted. They lived in the city for a month, then moved to an apartment in Mill Creek. Manda started running, and did a 5K, which totally impressed us all. 

In September we had a big early 90th birthday party for Mom Florence at Scotland Run. We managed to get all 6 of her grandchildren and spouses there, and almost all of her great grandchildren. 

In October we all journeyed to W. Va. to see our nephew David marry his lovely Juliette. 

In December our sweet Cliffie cat passed away. Mom Florence's Sheba passed early this fall. We are all still heartbroken.

In 2012 I read 145 books. 80 of them were mine, mostly on the Kindle or the Nook. Also this year, I got an iPad 2. Recently Ralph decided he'd like one also, so we got an iPad 4 that I use, and he uses the iPad 2. When I go to Heather and Ed's house, I hand Eddie the iPad- he says I'm the best grammy ever!

I just totalled up the yarn I used in 2012. 28.6 pounds of yarn! That's a lot of afghans! I spent most of the year crocheting, as my sewing mojo was still missing in action. The mojo suddenly returned home this week, and I've made several burp clothes, and a dozen flannel supersized receiving blankets. 

I spent this afternoon opening up over a dozen pairs of jeans that were Sam's. This evening I started cutting them into six inch squares. A stack of squares will take up a lot less space than a stack of jeans. When I need another jeans quilt, I'll just have to sew the squares together. 

While I've been sewing and crocheting all week, I've been catching up on shows that I've DVR'd. I watched the whole season so far of Nashville, and I'm working on Once Upon a Time. The amount of commercials that I'm fast forwarding thru is amazing. 

We usually dog sit on NYE, but Steph and Dan are both under the weather, so they're staying in. The house is so quiet! We went out for an early dinner, then settled in for the night. 

Happy New Year!

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