Thursday, January 3, 2013

A new year just begun

I have been thru a whole saga with my glasses. At the end of the summer, my eyes were bothering me. I went to my usual eye doc, and he was on vacation and I saw his young associate. Long story short, I'm on my 4th set of lenses, and my eyes still hurt. I went there tonight, and the latest set that just came in made my right eye blurry. They had me see the eye doc, and in two minutes he figured out that there had been a transposition in the original order! He assures me that the order that goes out tomorrow will be correct, and he will have them put a rush on it. The moral is, don't see associates, stick with the doc that you know. 

I got a letter from Aetna that they are no longer affiliated with Kennedy, the hospital that I go to for everything, and where I planned to get my other knee done! And my ortho only operates out of Kennedy! Aetna states that they are still negotiating with Kennedy, so hopefully they'll resolve their issues. 

We have birthdays in January- nephew Jim, great nephew Zachary, and my late friend Linda. The anniversary of Linda's passing is also in January. 

Tomorrow is Heather and Ed's 11th anniversary! They are so good together, and such good parents to Eddie and Julianna. 

Mom Mary Jane, Steph and Dan have all been sick for over a week. Mom is going to the doctor tomorrow to see if it's viral or if she needs meds. 

When Sam passed, I kept all her jeans, about 15 pairs. They've been sitting in a pile on the laundry room table for 14 months, and this week I finally sat and cut them up the side seams and around the center seams, which gave me a big pile. Now I'm cutting up the jeans into 6 inch squares. Eventually when I need a denim quilt, I'll have the denim ready. And a stack or two of 6 inch squares will take up a lot less room that a stack of jeans. 

It's cold! It was 25 when I was on the way to work this morning, and only went up to maybe 35. 

And so starts 2013!

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