Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Freakin' Ho

Yesterday was not a good day. Cliffie cat had been steadily declining, and yeterday she started not being able to walk straight. Ralph called the vet and left a message that we'd need an appointment for this morning to release her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He laid down on the floor with her and loved her, and she passed peacefully a little while later. 

It's amazing how quickly cats can go down. Thanksgiving she was fine, or appeared so. the labs the vet did a week later when she suddenly dropped a lot of weight said liver failure. We're grateful for the time we had with her- she lived in the garage, in a heated little house for years, and in our house for almost a year. She was a sweet girl who tolerated the dogs well. 

Then last night the phone rang. When I saw the Assisted Living on the caller ID, my heart sank. Florence fell when opening her apartment door, and landed on her wrist. The nurse was calling her doc for an order for an xray, and they put ice on it for comfort. The xray will be done right at the asst living this morning, to rule out a fracture.

I'm ready for something good to happen!

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