Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

We had multiple celebrations for Christmas. We had Thanksmas when Ben and Manda were home for Thanksgiving. We celebrated at Heather and Ed's, and they made a lovely meal. That was a busy week- Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, Joe and Ali's baby shower. Fun and exhausting.

We had a family celebration last Saturday at Steph and Dan's. We had a vegetarian meal of baked ziti, veggies and dessert, with more gifts. Having our get together early freed up Heather and Ed to go to his sister's today, and Steph and Dan to start new traditions of their own. 

We did something different today- we had all the Oehrls over for brunch. I made the Brunch casserole, a french toast casserole, and a fruit compote. Mike and Donna brought a big dish of various kinds of bacon and sausage. I assembled everything last night, and just had to pop them into the oven this morning. 

We had a big surprise for Mom. Ralph and I, Mike and Donna, and John and Morgan put together and got her a Bose CD player with a multi CD changer. She's been wanting one. She was speechless. 

Ralph and I relaxed the rest of the day, and had brunch leftovers for dinner. I texted with Manda. They are in Nebraska, with several inches of snow. I spoke to Heather this evening, and saw Steph on facebook. Everyone had a good Christmas. 

We haven't heard anything about the results of Mom Florence's wrist xray, so we're assuming it was negative. She spent the day at Sharon's for yet another Christmas celebration. 

Joe and Ali's baby boy is due in about 3 weeks. The poor girl is huge! Mike and Donna are so excited to be first time grandparents, and we're so happy for them. The baby will be Mom Mary Jane's third great grandchild.

The house feels so empty without Cliffie. Amazing how one (formerly) ten pound cat can be such a presence. She was well loved and will be sorely missed. 

And to all a good night!

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