Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busy, Busy

Running around to physician's appointments! I've seen cardiology, had a repeat stress test, had my pre-admission testing. This week I see the rehab doc.

It's was a really nice week weather wise, in the 70's. Yesterday the temp started to creep up, and today we turned the AC back on. This morning I went out and got backless sneakers for rehab.

Yesterday we went to Kevin and Naureen's house for an 8th grade graduation party for Nadia. Good food and good company. Before the party, we called Verizon and found out that we could upgrade our awful android phones, so we went and got iPhones. They are very similar in use to my iPad, and we have Dan for our tech resource.

Friday was Manda's 31st birthday! She's been wanting a Kindle, so Ralph, Cliffie and I sent her one. Like me, she loves her Nook, but Amazon has so much more to offer than B&N, both in terms of books and customer support. 

Most of the schools are finished or almost finished. We have 9 more days of school. Having a lot of ridiculous days off prolongs the school year. 

Jacob's birthday was yesterday. Our Millenium kid is now 12! In September, Jake will be in 7th grade, Zach in 6th, Connor in 5th, Eddie in 4th, Justin in 1st, and Julie and Kenzie in K! Tori will be a junior, and Nadia a freshman! 

And the beat goes on!

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