Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting ready!

72 hour til surgery! Yikes!

School is finally out for summer break! Not vacation, vacation implies pay, and we don't get paid for the time off. Which is OK! It's worth it to have a break.

Today we're going to MacKenzie's 5th birthday party.It's hard to believe that she and Julianna are 5 already. 

We had a spell of awful heat- it was near 100 the middle of the week. It's calmed down to the 80's now. 

And it's almost July already. In July we have birthdays- Steph and Dan start the month. We also have John, Helen, Connor, MacKenzie, and Nadia.

The end of July I get my ablation for the afib. Such a fun summer! Surgery, rehab, and a procedure. Some people take fun vacations, I get body parts fixed. 

It's amazing how different it is to read on the Kindle or Nook versus a book. It takes a very short time to get used to, and it's so convenient. I adore the iPad, but the Kindle and Nook are more of a book shape, so for just reading, they can't be beat. 

So the next time I post here, I'll have a new right knee!


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