Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to 2012

We've made it thru the first ten days of 2012! Cliffie is settling into being a semi housecat. She only goes out for short periods of time. She hasn't used the litter pan yet. That will probably happen on a snowy cold day.

All of a sudden I'm having a flare up of arthritis in my right knee. I have ice on it, but I may have to go see my doctor.

Work continues at Sam's house. Stephanie is going to rent it, starting next month. The last of the old furniture should go out this weekend. Today the sump pump was replaced.

Poor Toast has Lyme's and another tick borne disease, so she's on two meds.

I cashed in years of change, added my Christmas money, and bought myself an iPad! I love it! I'm taking an iPad 101 class this Sunday.

And so it goes!

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