Saturday, October 1, 2011


Leave it to Miss Millie to find a new place to cuddle. The blankets had been used to pad the table when it was being moved.
Our new kitchen set! It had been Heather and Ed's, and when they replaced it with the dining room set from Mom Florence's townhouse, we got their set. My other table was 28 years old, bought with income tax money the year Steph was born, so I guess it was ready to be repurposed. The old one is now Ralph's work table in his computer shop in the basement.
I've always liked this set. It's got almost a peachy tint to the wood. And the top is tiles. Just really nice. And it's sturdy as anything, and weighs a ton!
And it's got a cool design on the tiles border. It really doesn't take much to make me happy!

We watched the kids Thursday night, for the time between Heather leaving for work and Ed getting home. The kids make me laugh. Eddie offered to sleep in his school clothes to save time in the morning. They were so good, as they always are. I think Julie has grown 2 inches in the last month! She's going to be tall, as is Eddie.

October! Jean's birthday is today, and Mom Florence's is Monday. Charlotte's in the 11th, and Justin is the 24th. We have a long weekend coming up for Columbus Day, which is always nice.

Tomorrow Steph and Dan and friends are going to the Ren Faire, so we're dog sitting. Steph is going to drive my minivan, and leave me her car. Frank and Charlotte and Ralph and I are taking Mom Florence to dinner for her birthday.

Manda and Ben are in Cozumel today, on the cruise for their friend Dave's wedding. It's a short cruise, Thursday til Monday. I'm totally jealous.

It's been getting deliciously cool at night, wonderful to sleep with the windows open and snuggled under a quilt.

I read 16 books in September, 14 from the library and 2 of mine. That bring the yearly total to 104 books, 39 of mine. They were all mysteries or romantic suspense, and all good.

I'm almost done another scrappy afghan, using the bits and pieces left over from other projects. I can't believe I have so much yarn stockpiled- it was enough to last an ice age! I've got it down to 2 totes and a clothes basket.

My work computer isn't working- I talked to technology, and it seems like the moniter and the tower aren't getting along, so they have to come out and fix it. There's so little I can do without the computer.

Amazon announced they are releasing a 7 inch table called the Kindle Fire in mid-November. I was seriously considering an iPad, but that would cost a fortune and require another data package. The Fire is much cheaper, and I can get amazon prime for a yearly fee, and get 2 day shipping and stream video thru the Fire. So I've pre-oredered, and it should come the last week in November. I love my Nook, and would never get rid of it, and will continue to use it for my e-reader, and use the Fire as a tablet.

And the beat goes on!

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