Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday again

Manda has moved her blog. The new blog is at She's recently posted her Cozumel cruise pics.

We had a nice day yesterday. Carol is chairman of the Salem County something, and they were having a fundraiser at the Riverview Inn, which is right on the Delaware Bay. It was a very good turkey dinner, and we got to visit with Carol and her son Joe. Some people had paid and not come, and their dinners were boxed up, and we got to bring home dinners for my Mom, Sam and Lou. It was a nice change for them.

I was supposed to go to a baby shower today for Roseanne's DIL Mary, in Wildwood, at the home of Mary's sister. Yesterday Mary's BIL collapsed, needed CPR, and was airlifted to Philly. Needless the say, the shower was postponed, and we're all sending positive thoughts his way.

I talked to John this morning, and it's been raining in Florida for the last few days. He said they really need it. We caught up on all the family news.

Speaking of family news, my nephew David is now engaged to Juliet! They've been going together for a few years, and we all like her, so everyone is happy with the news. She will be niece #3 for me. I used to refer to Sharon as my favorite niece, but then Kevin and Naureen got married, so I had two favorite nieces. Now it will be three favorite nieces. I have 7 nephews, and they're all my favorites.

We're off tomorrow for Columbus Day. A three day weekend is always appreciated! I think the staff gets more excited than the kids.

The leaves are just starting to turn colors, and a lot of them have already fallen. We're getting nights that are downright chilly! Time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!

And the beat goes on!

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Stephee said...

How do you have 7 nephews? Whose the 7th?