Sunday, September 25, 2011

Somedays I hate the computer

Or parts of it anyway. Ralph installed this eye-fi program that downloads pix when the camera is near the computer. Fine, but I can't then find the pix. And when I then download them to easy share, I can't transfer them to my documents and then to the blog, til he gets home and does something. That's the long version of why there are no pix lately.

September is always hard for me, trying to get back into the work groove. I end up coming home and napping a lot of days, because I'm so tired from getting up early for work.

We had a nice day yesterday. It was the party for Eddie's birthday at Heather and Ed's house. My mom actually surprised me and went! There are two steps up onto Heather's porch, and mom got up the first, and decided she couldn't make it. Ralph, who is so patient, helped her up the other.

It was nice visiting with Heather, Sharon, Steph, Donna, Charlotte and Jeanne- we had a long conversation about cruises that makes me want to sign up for one. Frank is a cruiser, but Ralph won't even consider it, and Mike will only cruise in his yellow car. Some valium may be in order for the two of them.

There is a flock of 15 turkeys that live and roost in their yard and in the woods beyond, and the turkeys and ducks were fun to watch. The kids were all running around and having a great time, except for the mosquitoes that are so bad in jersey this year.

We had meatball sandwiches, a sandwich tray, salads, and cupcakes. When we left, I took meatball sandwiches and cupcakes for Sam and Lou, and mom took sandwiches.

I just finished "A sheetcake named desire" by Jacklyn Brady. It was a mystery set in and around a bakery in New Orleans, and is the first in a new series. I'm almost done another afghan, another scrappy granny stripe. This one will be huge.

I got new glasses, and they're making me crazy. I think the bifocals are set wrong, and I have to call the eye doc. My eyes water and hurt when I put them on, which is not good.

Tomorrow is Back to School night, which means we have to go back to work from 5-7. Since I leave work at 3.15, and get home 4-ish, it means it's not worthwhile to come home. I'll go do some shopping, and get some dinner, and go back. We were scheduled to be off Friday for Rosh Hashanah, but then someone higher up realized that the holiday is Thursday. Rather than cancel or change it, they added Thursday as another day off. Since I don't think any of the 11,000 kids in the district are Jewish, the whole thing is ridiculous and typical.

I counted out the work days til Barbara and I think we're going to retire, at the end of June, 2015. Right now there are 725 work days, and 170 of this year.

And when Ralph gets home and fixes the stupid picture program, I'll have pix of our new-to-us kitchen table.


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