Thursday, October 20, 2011

65 Days til Christmas!

Ack- this year is just flying by! Steph, Heather, Julianna and I went to Lancaster for the weekend last week, to start our holiday shopping. We did a lot of shopping, but not much was for the holiday! It was a beautiful fall weekend, and half the world was in Lancaster. Kitchen Kettle Village was jammed! We bought a lot of stuff in the jam and jelly kitchen- so much that we borrowed a wagon to tote it to the car. We had my Caravan, with the final row of seats out.

Then it was off to the Mt. Hope Winery, right down the road from Kitchen Kettle. If you bought a case or more of wine, it was 25% off! We couldn't turn that down. Between the three of us, we bought well over a case, and we tasted their holiday wine.

We stopped to secure a hotel room, then off to the outlets. We shopped and shopped (Julianna and I spent part of the time on benches or in the car), took a break for dinner, and shopped some more. The stores closed at 9 p.m., and Heather and Steph shopped til then.

The hotel was OK. They called the beds queen, but I'd call them fulls, and the mattresses were too soft. But the price included a continental breakfast, which we figure saved us at least $20 and an hour. We shopped til about 12.30, then headed home. Heather did all the driving this trip, and she did a great job.

We got home, unloaded, relaxed for a little bit, then headed to Sharon's for Justin's 6th birthday party. It was nice to get together with the family. It was a school night for all the kids, so the party broke up early.

Yesterday was a district inservice day at work- the kids were off. We had universal precautions, right to know, and CPR recert. CPR guidelines have changed- ABC is now CAB. The method of teaching and testing has changed, for the better. Much easier on the knees.

The grand dogs are here, while Steph and Dan take a long weekend in Western Pennsylvania. The dogs are always restless the first night, then they settle down. Toast is in bed with Ralph, and Whiskey is sitting on the ottoman watching me.

Yesterday was icky and rainy, but today was sunny and fall-like. The leaves are turning, and the temps are in the 60's. Two more weekends and the time changes.

And tomorrow is Friday!

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Marge Gordon said...

Hey! I was up there retreating last weekend, small world. Traffic was horrible wasn't it? We were at the Amish View Inn behind Plain and Fancy, great hotel!