Monday, October 31, 2011

A new chapter

When someone passes ( I can't bring myself to say she died), it creates a whole new set of things to do. People to contact, various arrangements to make. sorting to be done.

None of us slept well last night- the mind just keeps going round and round. I went to work today, and on my lunch break got a lot of the phone calls made. I went to see Lou after work today, and the hospice people had just been there to pick up equipment. The funeral guy came to get a signature. Lou's hospice is stepping up his care to everyday.

Sam had an old couch that she basically lived on for the last years, and it's worn out. Lou wants it gone- seeing it is a constant reminder of his loss. I called the boro, and amazingly all we have to do is put it out at the curb on trash day. So Ralph and Dan will do that tonight.

We went to sleep at 8 tonight, we were so wiped out. Ralph is still sleeping, and I'm about ready to go back to bed. I'm hoping Lou will sleep tonight. I have another list of things to do tomorrow.

Sam loved Halloween, and she passed on Mischief Night day- how funny is that!

I have no regrets, no "if only's". I'm happy she had the passing she wanted- going to sleep and not waking up. I promised I'd never lie to her, and that I'd take care of Lou. And I'm starting to ramble, which means it's time to go back to bed.


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