Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is here!

I'm sitting in the AC, with a fan blowing on me, and I'm still sweating. This is ridiculous. We had a nice week of cooler weather, going into the 50's at night, so we could have the AC off. Monday it started getting hot again, and yesterday and today were awful, and tomorrow is going to be just as bad- the upper 90's and typical jersey humidity. School dismissed early today and will tomorrow.

Last night we had to call 911 for Mom. She was short of breath, and her legs are incredibly swollen, shiny, and weeping fluid. Of course they kept her, and are doing some tests. They're talking possible rehab, which would be great. A ramp is in the works, and Big Mike is going to the zoning board meeting tonight for approval, and he has a contractor ready to go.

Comcast is making me crazy. They decided to "upgrade" the onscreen guide. I could use the other one to set the DVR. Changing it lost all my settings, so we had to figure out how to use the new guide and set it. Comcast must never have heard "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Sam is having good days and bad days, as is Lou. It's a mess- 2 hospices, 2 nurses, 2 social workers, 2 home health aids, and 2 nursing team leaders. There were also clergy coming out- one actually asked Sam if she was seeing dead people! I was able to talk to both hospices and put a hold on the clergy. Lou's social worker found out that their anniversary is this week, and that they always went to Oyster Creek for dinner. This year they're both homebound, and it'll be their last anniversary, so Hospice is providing them with dinner! Sam cried when she told me. Next week is also her birthday- she'll be 59. Lou was having a bad spell last Saturday, so I stayed over so Sam wouldn't feel alone. I am so too old to sleep in a recliner! When she woke him up at 0530 to make sure he was OK, I left and came home to my bed.

Today is Manda's 30th birthday! She always said that Heather was the oldest, Steph was the youngest, and she was the middle-ist. I sent her a check for the yarn winder she wants from etsy, and Ben is taking her out for dinner.

And the beat goes on!

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