Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot,, hot, hot!

It's been in the upper 90's yesterday and today! Not all the district schools have air conditioning, so we were dismissed 90 minutes early both days. It's too hot, too soon.

There may be a thundershower tonight, not unusual with such heat. Hopefully it will cool things a bit, not just raise the humidity.

Sam seems brighter and more alert, which is great! It's such a bumpy road.

Ben and Manda have returned to American soil after their ten day trip to Italy. Manda took 400 pix! Now they just have to recuperate from the time changes and vacationing.

We have June birthdays. Manda will be 30 on June 8, and Jake will be 11 on June 9. My mother's grandchildren range from 30'something (Heather) to 11 (Jake).

Heather, Ed, Eddie and Julianna move back to Jersey in two weeks! We're so happy they're coming back where all the families are.

I'm eating leftover eggs, potatoes and pork roll from the diner, and Miss Millie really wants some. She's meowing at me like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She's gotten to be quite the people food eater in her old age.

I have the second scrappy yarn afghan done, and I ran out of scraps. So I put it aside and I'm making a couple more baby afghans of nice bright colors.

I read C.J. Box's new book, Cold Wind, and Susan Wittig Albert's new one, Mourning Gloria. Both from the library, and both very good.


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