Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ick! Sunday morning I was fine- worked at my Mom's a bit, then met Ralph, Mom Florence, Frank and Charlotte at Florence's house to do some sorting. We went to a late lunch afterwards, and I started to not feel so good. I got home, laid down, got some nausea and started shivering. By the time advil kicked in, I had a sheet, a quilt, an afghan, a blanket and two dogs trying to keep warm! I spent most of the night being sick and trying to replace fluids, and shivering. By Monday late afternoon I started to feel somewhat human. I called out again on Tuesday- good thing- I slept half the day! From what I hear, it's viral and going around. I don't know where I got it, and wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Because of being sick, I didn't go see Mom or Sam since Saturday. Everyday they say they may send mom to rehab the following day, but it hasn't happened yet. Saturday morning we'd been to Sam's, and were going to see Mom. I tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face in the hospital lobby. I bruised my knee, and my right wrist is sore with certain movements. No swelling, no bruising, and minimal pain, so I don't think there's a fracture- that would be all that I need!

Saturday afternoon we went to Nadia's 13th birthday party- another teenager! It started to rain, so the party moved inside. Tori was there- she's going into 10th grade, and she's the best of Kevin and Kim. They'll need a baseball bat to beat the boys off! Or for Kevin to be in his police uniform when any boy dares to pick her up!

Heather had her last shift in NC! Tomorrow they load the moving van, and drive up on Thursday. Mixed emotions- they really liked NC, but jobs are scarce, and all their friends and family are here. Not to mention that in NC they were 5 hours from a beach! they both have jobs waiting for them here.

Steph and Dan are eating their way around New Orleans! Manda and Ben visited them for the weekend, and had a good time. They get back Friday, and pick up Toast and Whiskey. Good little dogs, but still a lot of work.

Sam's birthday is this week- she'll be 59. She's steadily declining, which is heartbreaking. Lou's bad episodes are increasing in frequency. It's heartbreaking to watch.

And now I'm off to bed!

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