Saturday, May 1, 2010

The date is set!

The gyn agreed that it's time to have the surgery, based on the pathology and what's been happening. Elective surgeries are booked up til June! So she'll have me go in thru the ER on Wednesday, and do it on Thursday. I'll be in Virtua Voorhees. I'd always heard bad things about the nursing ratio at Virtua, and was very pleasantly surprised by my experience there 2 weeks ago. The place is spotless, and the director of nursing makes rounds every day and introduces herself! I worked in a certain hospital for 15 years and never met any of the director's of nursing, so I was most impressed.

I've got most of the things on my pre hospital list done- I ordered clothes for Manda's wedding, renewed my nursing license, made reservations for hotel for Roseanne's son's wedding, got my disability paperwork started, talked to all my bosses. The big thing left is to get my haircut, and Ralph will take me to do that on Monday.

My energy level this weekend is way down. I slept a good part of today, and read the rest of it. I'm reading Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay, which is excellant.

Toast was sick earlier in the week, requiring a trip to the emergency vet, and followup at our vet. We kept her for 2 days for Steph. We had both dogs Wednesday night til Thursday night- Steph had to go to Maryland to present at a training session. Whiskey isn't the best overnight guest- I ended up going on the couch and leaving Ralph, the dogs and the cat to the bed.

No quilting, other than reading magazines, and no crocheting- just haven't felt up to it. I'll be so happy to have the surgery and get my life back!


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Sherry said...

You take care of yourself! Follow the doctor's orders. Rest up. Heal quickly!